Thursday, January 8, 2009

DWELLING: Oakbrook

This is a sustainable green build single family home that will, once completed, house a family of four. 3CC has had the opportunity to work with the architect and client in value engineering the mechanical systems, finish material selections; added value of deconstruction benefits and other areas of the home to help reach the clients desired budget while maintaining the function and aesthetic sensibilities captured within these renderings.

Collaborating with this innovative architectural group and a client dedicated to a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle created a cohesive project team, which speaks to the collective and sustainable sensibilities of 3CC, the architect, and the client. We appreciate and look forward to contributing to this forward thinking project dynamic.

All of the renderings, design and architecture were preformed by the talented and innovative group, Garofalo Architects.

Friday, January 2, 2009

THOUGHTS: Deconstruction

The following is taken from

Deconstruction is the selective dismantlement of building components, specifically for re-use, recycling, and waste management. It differs from demolition where a site is cleared of its building by the most expedient means. Deconstruction has also been defined as “construction in reverse.” The process of dismantling structures is an ancient activity that has been revived by the growing field of sustainable, green building. Buildings, like everything, have a life-cycle. Deconstruction focuses on giving the materials within a building a new life once the building as a whole can no longer continue.

When buildings reach the end of their useful life, they are typically demolished and hauled to landfills. Implosions or ‘wrecking ball’ style demolition is relatively inexpensive and offers a quick method of clearing sites for new structures. On the other hand, this method creates substantial amounts of waste. Components within old buildings may still be valuable, sometimes more valuable than at the time the building was constructed. Deconstruction is a method of harvesting what is commonly considered waste and reclaiming it into useful building material.

3CC is proud to be a certified deconstruction contractor and we try to implement this, even the smallest of increments, into all of our projects. We are able to give the owner a tax deduction for any material that is donated from the building. Because of what we find during many deconstruction projects, we are able to give the owner a tax deduction for any material that is donated from the building. We are certified deconstruction contractor providing services for residential, commercial, light industrial, non for profit organizations and we are implementing this ideology for all of our projects, when it is appropriate.

THOUGHTS: A favorite

Asrai Garden is one of my favorite local Chicago business. Owner Elizabeth Cronin has a selection of regional and local flowers, plants, eclectic art and cards (most of which are made by local designers and artists), hand crafted candles and apothecary, amongst many other great little items. Some of the cards that are sold are produced by her staff, including my favorite, Mid West card, which one staff member (Rose) produced the art work and the final product.

The aesthetic that Asrai garden produces (in my humble opinion) is forward thinking, comforting, familiar, classic, and with all of the local artists and designer goods packed into the little shop, it's a special place. I would buy just about everything in the store. It's Chicago, it's home grown and it's one of a kind.