Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ARTS & EDUCATION: UN Studio| Burnham Pavilion | Millennium Park

When Daniel Burnham laid out his plan to pull Chicago from the civic disaster it was becoming, he approached it with the future in mind and perhaps a hint of showmanship. A century later, with Chicago an architectural and civic wonder, designers are thinking along the same futuristic lines with a full serving of sustainability.As the city celebrates 100 years of The Burnham Plan, innovative design and construction is once again making headlines and is certain to drop jaws. On June 19, two new temporary pavilions will be unveiled to the public. One of the pavilions was designed by the Amsterdam-based Ben van Berkel. His UN Studio is working with Third Coast Construction to create the sustainable steel and wooden pavilion. Assembly has begun in Millennium Park where the pavilion will be shown until October at which point it will be dismantled and recycled. Third Coast Construction will see to it that all of the materials will go to a variety of non for profit organizations and charitable groups.