Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Back in the 1920s when a small business was truly the American way to find success, this 20,000 square foot warehouse was the home of the neighborhood grocer. The building is the epitome of old school Chicago and we are working to maintain its original aesthetic charm.

When we first approached this project, the façade was nearly jet black with filth collected over the years. By taking it apart brick by brick, we’ve been able to save much of the original structure. Only a minimal amount of reclaimed face brick has been purchased from a demolition company. By using a soy based cleaning agent, much of the original brick has been restored returning the façade to its intended look. We’ve also saved many of the beautiful features found inside such as a fully functional grocer’s scale.

Architect and designer, Product Architecture and Design, chose a material palette comprised of sustainable materials that will be consistent throughout the project. Due in part to these efforts, this project is going to achieve a LEED Silver rating for sustainable building. In addition to the reclaimed brick and other reclaimed materials, and the soy cleaning agents, we will be using low Voc paints, water based floor coverings, an indoor air quality system, the building will have a green roof, energy star rated lighting fixtures, low flo sustainable plumbing fixtures and more.

In keeping in the tradition that built Chicago, 3CC is excited to partner with the building owners to help them achieve their goal of a sustainable, healthy and community based project to house their business.