Saturday, December 20, 2008

URBAN OFFICE: Tangible Worldwide - Innovative Creation

3rd Coast utilized a integrated project delivery method working with the client and Founder of Tangible Worldwide Merrick along with Dan Pohrte of Product Architecture + Design. The interior renovation aesthetic & feeling state speaks directly to the concept Tangible Worldwide Chicago office location was to create, an innovative, creative, and welcoming space using a mixture of materials, textures, and building methods.

This is a far cry from typical workspace fluorescent tubes beating down on the employees and creates a healthy and productive work space. There is a boxing gym that had been designed by 3CC. The first floor has the reception area, which showcases a glass partition, a log inset and a custom built reception desk that (which, was assembled on-site re purposing and existing desk). Behind the log inset is the White Room. The conference room has an impressive sound attenuation system that diverts the noise from the progress being done upstairs in the main office areas. The large plain white wall will be used as a projection screen. The bar was designed, as most bars are, for socializing. It also acts as the exterior of the first floor restrooms. The first floor men's bathroom art work was done by Josh Kenyon who is an independent artist and holds the position of creative director for Tangible Worldwide .