Saturday, October 3, 2009

HOSPITALITY: Blackbird Restaurant Chicago

Being ever thoughtful of maintaining a congruency in quality along with an innate understanding of the daily operations and consistently reaching for perfection in all areas of the restaurant, the Blackbird Restaurant Group made the choice to refresh the back of the house kitchens, cold prep and main work areas within the first floor and basement areas. I experienced the same painstaking attention to detail, care, and just plain hard work from the restaurant partners during the renovation process. The project time line was extremely aggressive and partners Chef Paul Kahan, Donald J Madia, and Rick Dermit were there throughout the renovation process. I had the opportunity to experience a level of ownership, humbleness, and pride in thier individual specialties and crafts which has and always will make Blackbird a piece of art ever moving, ever evolving, and consistently ahead of the culinary curve. Thank you to Chef Paul Kahan, Donald J Madia, Rick Dermit, Eduard Seitan, & the Blackbird staff for the opportunity to be a part of your project, Dan.

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