Saturday, October 3, 2009

URBAN YOGA & PILATES STUDIO: Health & Wellness Experience

3rd Coast Construction was hired to design, build, and maintain the brand dynamics for the interior renovation of One Mind Body & Being . From the concrete flooring to the completed carpentry details. This yoga and pilates studio in the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood is a great representation of our commitment to supporting local businesses, deconstruction & up-cycling of reclaimed materials, healthy environments and communities by providing environmentally sound building methods and means while maintaining a low carbon footprint and a cost effective budget. 3rd Coast strives to seamlessly integrate up cycled materials into structural or aesthetic elements within the space to create an organic transition from room to room to wall treatments and furnishings. Every member of 3rd Coast has passion, integrity, and an accountability to our clients and community which drives each member from the mechanical engineer to carpenter to interior designer, to IPD & BIM specialists, to the deconstruction methods, up cycled materials by realizing the balance of being fully engaged with our client and the project team to find the most cost effective and healthy solution for the space while maintaining the clients branding, budget, daily operations & logistics, and continued success of their business, which is only achieved by working together, and when appropriate incorporating 3rd Coasts adaptation of the Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling practices. 3rd Coast is appreciative and proud to have the continued opportunity to help develop healthy businesses that are successes for the community.

One Mind Body & Being owner, Stacey Weinstein shared a similar design taste as 3CC when it came to the aesthetics and sense of welcoming comfort that was crucial for Stacey and the experience she wants her clients to experience while in the studio. 3CC sourced reclaimed materials, lighting, wall treatments and up-cycled them to make the wood finish treatments, wood landings, mirror trim details and the column wrap detail which was designed by Dan Sheehy of 3rd Coast. Elizabeth Cronin, owner of Asrai Gardens consulted on the interior color design, native plant program and reclaimed furnishings. The photography artwork displayed within the space and the project progress photographs within this project description were produced by Brian Willette of

The raw and refurbished reclaimed materials were sourced and purchased from Meegan Czop, business manager of the, Rebuilding Exchange, local reclaimed lighting and furnishing purveyor Urban Remains along with another local reclaimed lighting and furnishing purveyor Architectural Artifacts.

content contribution provided dan sheehy